St Bartholomew’s Anglican Church

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Begin your observance of the Lenten season with worship    6.30 am and 10am Holy Communion and imposition of ashes

St Bart's parish is a part of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane which in turn is one of the 23 Dioceses that make up the Anglican Church of Australia. We are proud to follow Christ as members of the Anglican Church. Various Anglican traditions are evident in our worship and we seek to meet people where they are at spiritually and personally. We are committed to children's ministry and seek to form young lives in Christ. We seek to be intentional about every aspect of parish life and have developed a Strategic Plan to assist us in this regard. More information about the regular worship and fellowship activities of our parish can also be found on our Facebook page 

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Next 2 Weeks @ St Bart's

Fri Mar 03 @09:00AM - 01:30PM
Card Day